Florida Geological Survey Publications


Florida Geological Survey Publications

The Center for Wetlands at the University of Florida, the first of its kind in the world, was founded in 1973 by H.T. Odum. His goal was to use the Center as a focal point for both basic ecological research on wetlands as well as their sustainable use in meeting environmental management needs of the society.

The Center is recognized as the world leader in the ecology and management of subtropical and tropical wetlands, and Center staff have been called upon by the World Bank, United Nations and numerous conservation organizations to advise on management issues based on the long Florida experience.

The Center for Wetlands is a focal point for research on aquatic ecosystems. In addition to a long history with freshwater wetlands, center staff have also built an impressive research record for lakes, coastal wetlands, estuaries, streams and springs. In addition to Florida, faculty and students have recently worked in concert with researchers from Brazil, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Israel, Paraguay, and Uganda.


The Center for Wetlands has been generating publications related to environmental issues since its inception in 1973. Digitization of these publications began in the summer of 2004 as a cooperative project with the Digital Library Center, University of Florida Libraries. This is an ongoing project and only those publications without copyright restriction will be included. Please use the search buttons above to retrieve texts of interest. This endeavor is part of a larger initiative known as the Florida Environments Online Database.

Additional Information

Additional information on wetlands may be found in the online subject guide WETLANDS created by Vernon Kisling, Environmental Sciences Librarian at the University of Florida.